SWAC Certified Professional Instructor

The SWAC Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) certification distinguishes individuals who are authorized to teach SWAC training programs. CPIs are the only professionals, besides SWAC's Instructors, authorized to teach SWAC training programs, and they typically teach regional programs in an SWAC Authorized Training Organization.

Additionally, through teaching and training programs, SWAC Alliance Partners and certified professionals can identify future projects and business opportunities while positioning themselves as the experts in their fields. Companies or individuals who are looking to differentiate themselves can grow along with SWAC and develop an alternative revenue source.

Requirements to be a CPI include the following:

Commitment to teach one week per quarter.

Willingness to travel anywhere around the world for a week at a time.

Travel could involve driving or flying to a course location and staying in hotels for the duration of the course (SWAC reimburses or pays for all expenses during a trip per the CPI contract).

Questions you should be able to confidently answer with a yes:

Do you enjoy meeting new people and helping lead them toward success?

Do you enjoy traveling throughout the country to both familiar and unfamiliar places?

Do you want to create an opportunity for you to interact in person with potential customers?