Accreditation Benefits

Accreditation is designed to help educational institutions boost their ongoing performance efforts for the benefit of their students. SWAC insists on a relentless pursuit of excellence for itself and
for the institutions it accredits. This ethic of excellence ensures that institutions will find rich benefits from accreditation and that community can confidently make informed decisions about is
accredited learning. Accreditation matters because our students deserve the highest level of educational excellence possible.

Program approval offers many benefits to providers, including:

Assurance that programs meet specific standards.

Transferability of experience from one provider to another.

National and international recognition of programs.

Marketing of approved program's material all over the world.

Educational institutions that engage in SWAC Accreditation will:

Unite with a global network committed to standards of educational excellence.

Earn the distinction of quality through the recognized seal of SWAC accreditation.

Experience a unified, clear, and powerful accreditation process with a scalable and sustainable evaluation of education quality.

Receive external and objective validation of the areas in which they’re doing well, and the areas for continuous improvement

You will benefit from SWAC research which essentially shapes educational policy and improves learning practices. Experience a state of the art web based accreditation system that is
continuously being upgraded and improved. Hear the best available ideas and thinking on education practices and trends through innovative products, educational technologies, and the
collective knowledge of peers. Benefit from shared expertise and powerful professional learning through local and global workshops, training, conferences, and personalized service.


Verifies the quality of the educational provision to potential students, businesses and governments.

Provides national, regional and international recognition of quality, accountability, and public trust.

Facilitates access to support and services designed to continually improve the quality of education and training.

Lends prestige to the institution.

Highlights strengths and capabilities of the institution.

Aids with student recruitment efforts.

Provides credibility by enhancing the image of the institution.


Highlights the capabilities/competencies of the institutions.

Assures recognition of qualifications and transferability on local, regional, and international scale.

Improves education/training and learning achievement as the quality of the institution’s provision is assured.

Provides assurance that an individual is getting value for money, and time spent on a program of study.

Facilitates the transfer of learner credits from one institution to another.

Provides recognition for entry into higher education, profession and business.


Assures the quality of qualifications and credentials presented.

Assures the quality of human capital.

Increases productivity and performance which may leadw to increased profitability.

Provides benchmarks against which educational provision can be measured against employment requirements.