The South Western Accreditation Council (SWAC) is a sub-organization of The American Group for Managing Educational Projects (AGMEP). SWAC is an international educational quality assurance agency working to enhance the standards of education around the world. SWAC owes its success to its strong network and team of accreditation professionals spread throughout many countries around the world. It has also collaborated with regional accreditation bodies to supplement their strict accreditation methods with its expertise of standardizing the educational environment internationally.

SWAC's international accreditation represents an institution's commitment to delivering quality education which coincides in this respect with the international standards. It assures the institutes' students that their degrees and credits will have increased acceptability and credibility around the world.


SWAC provides international accreditation to educational institutions, serving as primary and/or secondary accreditation body. In doing so, it enhances the institution's regional accreditation, and assures students that the educational program, policies and procedures of that institution provide are up to the international standards of education.

SWAC has the statutory mission of organizing the system of quality assurance in learning and teaching through accreditation. Its main purpose is to contribute to the development in the quality of teaching and learning, and with this in mind, to cooperate in the realization of top quality educational globally.

SWAC is locally, nationally, regionally and globally recognised as an efficient, effective, innovative and accessible quality assurance agency providing academic and vocational accreditation and assessment services.


SWAC strives to contribute to the learning process development through enhancing teaching and educating methods in various institutions and learning centers. SWAC ensures that the agencies certified to carry out processes of accreditation for study programs demonstrate that they do this to the highest degree of quality, compatibility and transparency. Before any agency is given the authority to award the quality seal of the Foundation for institutes study programs and instructors, that have successfully accomplished a certification process, it must itself be subject to an accreditation process. Upon application from the agency, the accreditation process is carried out by the Accreditation Council which is the central decision-making body of the Foundation, deciding on the accreditation or reaccreditation of agencies.

SWAC promises to safeguard the quality of the academic and vocational qualifications available to learners and to strengthen providers' quality assurance capability; and to provide professional advice through assessment and consulting services.


To develop standards for the accreditation of human service and learning organizations.

To develop and provide training to support accreditation

To support organizations and programs to develop governance structures, monitoring systems and research-based practices.

To accredit human service and learning organizations with a specific focus on programs and quality and service delivery.

To achieve excellence in the delivery of services.